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Digital Strategy Manager

Developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to enhance the brand's online presence and performance. It encompasses activities such as content creation, strategy management, and editorial plan editing.

Judge in Wine Competitions

Taking part in jury panels to discover and celebrate exceptional wines to the world thanks to great wine-tasting skills. An intricate process that can influence consumer choices.

Wine Communicator

A bridge between wine enthusiasts and professionals across cultures. Effective communication of the wine essence through tailored language, enhancing connections and experiences.

Speaker in Events

Presenting on a specific topic, engaging and entertaining the audience while sharing valuable insights and content. It involves delivering a captivating talk that wants to inform and inspire people.

Contributor for Magazines

Share of valuable content, features, or expertise. It involves researching, writing, and delivering engaging material for insights, stories, or analyses in line with the magazine, both digital and paper.

Wine Educator

Build a solid foundation in wine knowledge as the gateway to deeper insights. Tailored exploration with classes and masterclasses designed for varying expertise levels.

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Hi! I’m Simone Roveda and I’m the founder of WineryLovers.

My wine passion sparked right before earning my Engineering of Computing Systems degree at Politecnico Milano. Infused with curiosity, dynamism, and unyielding determination, these qualities define me.

Now, I leverage cutting-edge methods to share the essence of wine culture through impactful online content. Plus, I’m here to lead wineries to new successes in the digital realm.

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WineryLovers is the home of the best wines and wineries.

Join the ultimate hub for wine enthusiasts, forging connections within a vibrant community. Share your favourite wines, indulge in delicious food pairings, and uncover the most enchanting travel destinations.

In the captivating world of wine, the learning never ends.

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