Digital Strategy Manager

When you want to reach a goal is like making a journey. Define a target and develop the project using the best strategies in digital communication for your aim.

Content Creator

Photo, video, or audio can evoke different emotions in people as well as the messages to communicate can be distinct. Content makes the difference.

Wine Communicator

From wine lovers to professionals, wine can also connect people of different cultures. Communicate the wine by using the appropriate language.

Wine Tour Planner

Each place has unique characteristics that cannot be replicated. Exploring a place means discovering also customs and traditions of the people living there.

Personal Wine Advisor

There are so many wines in the world that they please all palates. Only curiosity can move us to discover wines from one denomination to another.

Judge in Wine Competitions

A specific wine can be so good that deserves to be awarded and shown to the whole world. This process is able to influence consumer choices.

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Hi! I’m Simone Roveda and I’m the founder of WineryLovers.

My passion for wine was born just before graduating in Engineering of Computing Systems at Politecnico Milano. Curiosity, dynamism and determination are part of me.

Today, I use innovative ways to communicate the wine tradition, by publishing informative content on the web. Also, I help wineries to boost their business online.

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WineryLovers is the home of the best wines and wineries.

It's the right place to connect yourself with other wine lovers. You can share your favourite wines, delicious food pairings and the most captivating travel destinations.

The world of wine is so fascinating that you never stop learning.

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